Treating (Englishness) as an inherently problematic and distasteful identity is likely only to exacerbate English political discontent: Prof Daniel Wincott

Welcome to English Identity.


This website will serve as a "hub" to research English national identity as a PhD project supervised by the University of Gloucestershire.

It includes:

  • The purposes of the research and the values and beliefs that sit behind it.
  • An ethical framework for the conduct of the research
  • Dicussion groups and boards
  • Resources and links to other online media of interest
  • A Blog
  • A research diary
  • Associated social media feeds

The PhD research is framed around 3 key research questions:

  1. To examine English national identity as a political, personal and cultural phenomenon
  2. To identify how English national identity is framed in a globalised and cosmopolitan context
  3. To explore English national identity in relation to UK constitutional change
The research seeks to collect and analyse data generated primarily through social media interaction, which is curated/facilitated by the researcher. It is typically the case that research of this nature adopts a mixed-methods approach, which is the intention of this project. It would also be typical to use ethnography as a key research method; however, the researcher has chosen in conjuction with his supervisory team to use a netnographic approach (Kozinets 2010, 2015) as a form of online ethnography.

If you would like to particpate in this research please take the time to read the content of this website and to contact the reseracher via the email address below.

You can read about the beliefs, values and priorities that underpin this research and the rules of conduct that govern your participation in it in more detail on the Purpose & Values and Ethical Framework pages.

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